About Us

 SPIM 2020 Attendees


The Society of Psychologists in Management unites psychologists committed to creating extraordinary organizations. SPL translates research and real world experience into practices that empower members to be impactful and effective leaders, coaches and consultants. SPL events are a safe environment to discuss challenges, formulate solutions, and receive support through rich learning experiences. SPL values camaraderie, wisdom, and scientific rigor in the service of transforming leaders and organizations.


The Society of Psychologists in Management values, respects and affirms diversity, equity, and inclusion. We oppose racism and discrimination in all of their forms. We understand that African Americans, people of color, the LGBTQIA community, people with disabilities, and women are marginalized within our institutions through policies that impose systemic inequities.  We urgently and emphatically support equity both within our professional communities and across sectors.

Through SPL’s organizational operations, membership, and programs, we commit to the following:

  • To seek out and respect diverse voices
  • To ensure that our board of directors and membership leaders are held accountable for ensuring that our systems and processes support inclusive input
  • To place equity at the forefront of our work and advocate for equitable access to leadership opportunities at executive levels
  • To share power through inclusive decision making that addresses historical inequities
  • To demonstrate antiracist ideology and actions that confront and challenge systemic racism and oppression
  • To embrace this framework; continue learning related to DEI, social justice, and related constructs; and to bring this mindset into both our roles as psychologist leaders and our professional activities.



  • Retain and strengthen “culture of camaraderie”.  Strengthen engagement and retention.
  • Maintain and strengthen conference as a place of professional connection and knowledge acquisition.
  • Enhance strategic use of technology (social media, online education, networking and improve website) to support other strategic objectives.
  • Clarify our mission as it relates to similar organizations.
  • Manage polarity dynamics in an effort to better integrate the relationship between apparently opposite priorities.
  • Develop plan for financial growth and sustainability.
  • Ensure dissemination of psychological science as it relates to leadership and management.
  • Better use of “good” organizational practices and processes.